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Global Equity Strategies

Global Equity Strategies

We specialize in delivering global equity strategies that engage a long-standing corporate-ownership method within a discount to inherent value structure.  We seek to find recognized businesses with good levels of cash-flow and liquidity and a reliable management framework, that are influential suppliers of necessary products and service; we base our intricate and controlled investment selection on these key elements. The valuation of such equities and businesses are grounded on extensive proprietary assessment and analysis of potential income and capital returns.

Our benchmarked portfolio strategy for this type of investment generally involves a holding period of approximately between three and five years, however if the value escalates far beyond our estimation we may encourage an earlier trade or sale.

We trust that corporations that encompass certain business models, management styles and financial qualities create the ideal environment to add value to shareholders involvement, due to fluctuating market characteristics and the economic landscape.

Business Qualities: 

  • Influential and significant products or services.
  • Dedicated client base.
  • At the forefront of an influential industry or hold a position in a niche market.
  • Involve sustainable development and have advantageous attributes ahead of competitors.


Management Elements:

  • Firm leaders with reliable integrity.
  • Attractive capital distributions.
  • Significant ownership for shareholders.


Financial Aspects:

  • Attractive balance sheet and level of cash-flow and liquidity.
  • Maximized rates of returns and capital income.